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Should I Pay Off all my Debts Before Buying a Home?

That’s a terrific question that we get all the time.  The answer is, as always in real estate, “it depends”.  Let me explain by way of an illustration.

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How Does a 203k “Fixer upper” Loan Work?

The 203k “rehab” loan is the most popular loan for fixer uppers.  It allows you to buy a home that needs minor to major fixup and also loans you money for the work you want done.  Here’s how it works: 1. Meet with a Mortgage Pro who is experienced in doing 203k loans and get […]

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Should I Buy a House if Prices are Still Dropping?

Should you wait around until you know prices have hit “the bottom?”  And how exactly are you going to know when that glorious day has arrived?  What if interest rates go up by then?  So many questions! Here’s an idea: 1.  Find a house you like and would enjoy living in for at least 5 years.

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