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First Time Home Buyer Tip #28

Fact:  In 2010, 1 in 4 home sales was a foreclosure. That is an interesting fact from, but what does it mean to you?  First let me tell you that we expect that number to be very similar this year.  That large of a percentage of bank owned homes means that you will tend […]

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First Time Home Buyer Tip #27

Ok, this isn’t so much a tip as it is some great facts about First Time Home Buyers from a recent survey. Its always interesting to see where you fall compared to averages.  Keep in mind that this is nationally and your area could vary: 50 The percentage of homes bought by First Timers in […]

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First Time Home Buyer Tip #26

Get it in Writing! As they say, “Verbal agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re not written on!”  You need to be sure that anything your Buyer’s Agent or the seller say will be done is in writing.  Here are some examples of what I mean: Changing a closing date Furniture or other personal property included […]

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First Time Home Buyer Tip #25

How many homes do most buyers see before buying one? In 2010, the average home buyer looked at homes for 12 weeks and saw 12 homes before buying one.  Also, 50% of all homes bought in 2010 were first time home buyers!  If you’re wanting to buy a home with the least amount of stress […]

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