Chapter Overview: Where to Start

You’ll value the help of a wisely chosen professional at each stage of the home buying process.  We discuss what a Buyer’s Agent does and what to keep in mind as you get started.

Do I Need a Buyers Agent?

Who a real estate agent actually works for is one of the most misunderstood topics in real estate. I learned this one through Personal experience, one of life’s toughest teachers.

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Who Pays for My Buyer’s Agent?

This is an often misunderstood and confusing part of the home buying process. You get advice and guidance from your Buyer’s Agent, but who pays the bill?

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Where Should You Buy a House?

You should give more thought to where to buy a house than any other factor. Making a good choice of location will make life easier & more enjoyable.

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Is it a Condo, Attached, or Detached Home?

Do you know what you’re buying?  Don’t let excitement about a home blind you to differences in forms of ownership and possible rules & restrictions.

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