Chapter Overview: Working with a Mortgage Professional

Going through the mortgage process doesn’t have to be frightening.  We’ll explain how it all works, so you’ll feel more comfortable when choosing a Mortgage Professional, plus understand what will be expected of you.

What Type of Lender Should I Use?

There are 3 distinct types of lenders and you’ll need to know how each works plus the pros & cons of each type.

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Tips for Finding a Great Mortgage Professional

Finding an excellent Mortgage Professional is critical for your home purchase to go smoothly. Here are our best tips for finding the right fit.

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What will a Mortgage Pro Need From Me?

Your Mortgage Professional will need documentation of a number of things to get you preapproved. Use this guide to gather the required documents.

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Loan Prequalification vs Preapproval

There are major differences between these certifications from a Mortgage Professional. We discuss what each is and how you acquire them.

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