It Takes a Team

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  • Buying a home gets more complicated every year. A typical home purchase involves an average of 18 other professionals or services!

    Pros Involved in Your Purchase

    You’ll need a team to provide you with the best home buying assistance possible.  Choose a quality Buyer’s Agent and Mortgage Pro because they will typically lead you by referral to other team members of similar quality.

    Buyers Agent. Your educator & advocate before, during, and after the home buying process.  Your agent is also a valuable resource for finding many of the other members of your team.  For more details on home buying assistance, see Do I Need a Buyers Agent?

    Mortgage Professional. Your Mortgage Pro and your Buyers Agent are the two most crucial team players. They have the largest roles in the process & should be your primary source for recommendations of all other professionals.  Checkout Tips for Finding a Great Mortgage Professional.

    Lenders require title insurance, an appraisal, homeowners insurance, and sometimes a pest & dryrot inspection and property survey.

    Appraiser.  Your lender will require that you have an appraisal on the home to determine if it’s worth the price you’re paying.  All About Home Appraisals tells you specifics.

    Home Inspector/Pest Inspector.  There is never a good reason to not have an inspection and you’ll want an inspector you can trust.  See our Lesson What to Inspect when You’re Inspecting.

    Sewer Inspector.  Sewer line repairs are very costly so it is critical that you get them inspected and, if needed, ask the seller to make repairs.

    For a full list of all inspections you may consider having, see What to Inspect when You’re Inspecting.

    Title company.  Title insurance makes sure you get free and clear title to the property.  See What’s Title Insurance?

    Escrow Officer/Closing Attorney.  Ask your buyers agent if the local custom is to close transactions with an escrow officer or with an attorney.  Our Lesson Escrow, Earnest Money & Good Faith Deposits goes into detail.

    Insurance Agent. Not only do you want insurance in case of fire and various other hazards, but lenders require it as well.

    Start with an exceptional Buyer’s Agent and Mortgage Professional and they can recommend top local professionals for the best home buying assistance possible.

    Other Possible Team Members. Other possible professionals include a Roofer, Handyman, Plumber, Furnace repair, Electrician, Financial advisor, Surveyor, Tax advisor, Septic inspector, Well water testing and more.

    Thinking of buying a home in the Portland, Oregon area?  Checkout our First Time Home Buyer Classes!


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