The 3 Rules of Homebuying

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  • After helping hundreds of home buyers navigate thru buying a home, we created these 3 simple, yet powerful rules. These are the basis of all the Lessons we teach.

    Let’s See Why the 3 Rules are so Important

    Rule #1 – Buy Neighborhood over House. The old adage “What are the three most important things in real estate? Location, location, location” is very true, but its been said so many times that people don’t think about it, so we changed it up a bit. Always, always find the best neighborhood you can, even if it means buying less of a house. You can improve the house, but it is nearly impossible to fix major problems in a neighborhood.

    For details on Rule #1, see How to Checkout a Neighborhood.

    Rule #2 – Hire a Great Team. Buying a new home (new to you, anyway) gets more complicated all the time. If you don’t have the best advisors in place, you’ll run into endless problems. Luckily, one good professional can lead you to others so the task gets easier and easier. Ask your Buyer’s Agent for recommendations.

    For full details on the professionals involved, see It Takes a Team.

    Rule #3 – Imagine Selling the Home. When you get close to choosing a home, take yourself forward in time to when you’ll eventually be selling the home. What things will you have to “apologize for” when you go to sell it? If the home has problems now, can you fix them over time so they won’t be problems when you go to sell the home?  For details on Rule #3 see How to Research a House.

    Thinking of buying a home in the Portland, Oregon area?  Checkout our First Time Home Buyer Classes!


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