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What is Fearless Homebuyer?

Fearless Homebuyer is an educational website for those who are interested in buying a home.  We provide Lessons for every phase of the homebuying process.  Many Lessons include a video example or overview as well as downloads for those who want even more depth into the given topic.  Fearless Homebuyer will grow and change with the real estate market.  We will continue to add videos and new helpful topics, so check back regularly!

Who created the Lessons found on Fearless Homebuyer?

Most of the Lessons on Fearless Homebuyer are created by the Fearless Homebuyer founder, David Axness, a Real Estate Educator and Broker in Portland, OR for the past 12 years.  He has taught the popular first time home buyer class “Homebuying 101” at Portland Community College for 7 years.  To find out more about Dave, check out Fearless Homebuyer Story and Dave’s Buyer’s Agent Profile.  We also interview other professionals to get their first-hand advice for you.

Do you have a Blog?

Yes!  We blog on current topics relating to financing & buying a home as well as the Lessons on Fearless Homebuyer. We love to hear your opinions, questions, and even complaints!  Your participation is welcome and encouraged at the Fearless Homebuyer Blog!

How can I ask Fearless Homebuyer to add a Lesson about my question?

We are constantly adding new Lessons and content to the site and would love to know what other topics you’re wondering about.  Contact Us to request more information on a specific topic that we haven’t covered and we will get the information out as soon as possible.

Where’s the best place to start on your site?

There are 3 great places to start your Fearless Homebuyer experience.

1)  Go to the Lesson Center and click on the tab (along the top of the page) that best describes the phase of the buying process you are in or are most concerned about:

  • Finances
  • Before Buying
  • During the Buying Process
  • After Buying

2)  Go to Our Home Page and click on Take a Video Tour and it will provide some tips about the site and show you how get the most out of the Fearless Homebuyer experience.

3)  Go to our Resources Page to find helpful tools and links related to the homebuying process.  Here you can also drill down to find resources in your local area.

How can I easily find the information I’m looking for on your site?

1)  Use the Fearless Homebuyer Search box in the top right corner of any page to find Lessons related to the specific homebuying topic you’re most interested in.  Or,

2)  Check out the site map to see all the information available.

Where can I go to watch all the Fearless Homebuyer videos in one place?

Each of our videos are a part of a lesson, while some lessons have videos, some are yet to come.  If you’d like to see all the Fearless Homebuyer videos in one place, you can checkout our Fearless Homebuyer YouTube Channel.  Be sure to rate them and/or leave a comment so we know what you like when making future videos.

I’ve tried to watch your videos, but my system is slow, can you help?

Maybe.  The videos on our site play in HD by default, but you can easily change the setting on the player.  After you hit play, look to the bottom right corner of the video player where it says 720p.  Click on the 720p and you will see other options, including 360p & 480p.  We recommend 480p, due to poor sound quality at 360p, but if you need to use 360p to get it to play, it will still render at a quality worth watching.

Does Fearless Homebuyer have a book I can read?

Not at this time.  We may make the content available in an e-book at a later date.  If you’re interested, please Contact Us and we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve completed this.

Does Fearless Homebuyer have a certification program so I can show my lender I’ve completed your Lessons?

Yes.  Our site has become very popular with banks and credit unions across the country who want to make sure their borrowers learn the ins and outs of the homebuying process.  Just Contact Us to send us your lenders contact info and we’ll take care of the rest!

Does Fearless Homebuyer have any resources specific to a local area?

Yes!  While most of our Lessons are relevant to the homebuying process everywhere, there are some differences depending upon where you live.  The Lessons that have these differences have a “Local Info” tab that you can use to find the information that is specific to your state and/or community.

We are working hard to provide you with the best homebuying resources in your area, including, but not limited to topics like maps, schools, crime, housing programs, loan programs, and buyer’s agents.  Check out our Resources Page and select the state you live in to find the resources in your area.

Why don’t you have resources specific to my community?

Our goal is to provide resources in communities throughout the United States.  If we don’t yet have resources specific to your area, let us know. We will get to your area asap!

Does Fearless Homebuyer have a newsletter I can sign up for?

Yes!  Scroll down to the bottom right corner of any page on our site (even this page!) and enter your email address.  That’s it.  Now you will receive news about changes in the real estate market, the lending market, additions to the Fearless Homebuyer site, and current tips on the homebuying process.

Do you have a Facebook Page?

Yes, we are at www.facebook.com/fearlessfan.  We regularly post updates on the real estate market and new content that we’ve added to Fearlesshomebuyer.com.  Come join us!

Is the information provided on the Fearless Homebuyer site up-to-date?

Yes.  We continually update our information to give you the latest info on buying a home.  Real estate can change quickly.  Legislation, the economy, population trends, and interest rates are all examples of things that can heavily influence the market and how it works.  Check in with us regularly to stay current with the market.

Can I search for homes on the Fearless Homebuyer website?

No.  The best way to search for homes is through your local Multiple Listing Service.  Check out How to Search for Homes to find out more about searching for homes online.

How does Fearless Homebuyer choose the Buyer’s Agents it recommends?

The short answer?  Very Carefully.  To find out more about what we look for in an agent, check out How do we Choose our Buyer’s Agents? on the agent search page.

Is Fearless Homebuyer a real estate brokerage?

No.  Fearless Homebuyer is not a brokerage.  It is intended to be an educational resource.  The Buyer’s Agents on the site are recommendations of the best agents we could find near you.  They are not employed by Fearless Homebuyer, but we do really like to get your feedback on their performance.  You’ll find a “Feedback Survey” on their Buyer’s Agent Profile page.  Find a Buyer’s Agent

I’m a Real Estate Broker, how can I become a Fearless Homebuyer Recommended Buyer’s Agent?

We are quite particular about the professionals we recommend on our site.  Of course, agents must have plenty of experience and know their local area inside and out.  But, we also look for agents who are teachers at heart, who believe in educating their clients, giving them the capability to make good decisions without the pressure of an agent with a “high pressure salesman” mentality.  We tend to trust agents who depend on referrals, and therefore the success of their business relies upon the satisfaction of their clients.  For more information, check out Are you interested in becoming one of our Buyer’s Agents? on the agent search page.

Why are there no Buyer’s Agents recommended in my local area?

Our goal is to provide recommendations throughout the United States.  Because we are selective about our recommendations, it takes time to get to every area.  If you’d like a recommendation in your local area, please Contact Us and we will find you someone you can trust right away!  Or, go to Find a Buyer’s Agent and submit your search.  If we don’t yet have agents in your area, a form will pop up for you to request we find one.  We will respond by the end of the following business day with the contact information you need for an agent you can trust in your area.

I’ve worked with a Buyer’s Agent that is recommended on your site, can I provide feedback for other Fearless Homebuyer users?

Yes!  We would love to hear your feedback.  Use our search feature to find your Agent’s Profile and under the “Contact this Agent’ button, there is a feedback survey you can complete.  You’re allowed to rate a Fearless Homebuyer Buyer’s Agent only if you’ve had personal experience working with the agent.  Therefore, we do require that a minimum amount of information be submitted in order to verify that the feedback given is genuine.

Does Fearless Homebuyer give legal advice on Real Estate?

No.  We strongly encourage you to consult with the proper professionals with any questions along the way.  When something is important to you, always consult with an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, or your Buyer’s Agent.

Can I buy a home without a down payment?

Yes.  But it’s not at all as easy as it used to be.  There are zero down loan programs for veterans, rural and outlying areas, and some local loan programs.  We strive to keep you updated on our Does Zero Down Really Exist?, so check back often or Contact Us.

I just graduated from college and have a new job, can I get a home loan?

Very possibly.  Checkout our Lesson, The 5 C’s of Credit and contact a Mortgage Professional about your specific plans.

My credit score is not as high as I’d like it to be, but I’d like to buy a home, do you have any advice?

What really matters is whether or not your credit score is high enough for a mortgage that you’re happy with.  Our Credit Improvement Tips Lesson will get you started in the right direction, then discuss your credit with a trusted Mortgage Professional.

Does Fearless Homebuyer recommend Lenders or Mortgage Professionals?

Yes!  No one knows the quality of a Mortgage Professional better than a Buyer’s Agent!  They work with them day in and day out and hear feedback about them from their clients.  Agents rely on Mortgage Professionals to keep them educated about loan products and interest rate trends.  Most importantly, agents know which Mortgage Professionals they can trust to follow through and get loans funded on time.  For all these reasons, we ask our Fearless Homebuyer Buyer’s Agents to recommend the Mortgage Professional that they trust the most in their area.  So, if you are looking for a lender, go to Find a Buyer’s Agent, search for your area, and look on each of the Buyer’s Agent Profiles to see the lenders they recommend.

I’ve thought about buying a condo, is that a smart investment?

Like many of our answers, it depends!  The biggest concern you need to have with condos is whether or not you are willing to assume the risk that there may be repairs & improvements that the condominium association must make that they don’t have enough money for.  If they are short on funds, they require each homeowner to chip in anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.  Definitely consult with your Buyers Agent on this topic.  Also, check out Is it a Condo, Attached, or Detached Home? & What’s a Homeowners Association?.

Are there any good reasons NOT to buy a home?

Yes, there are quite a few.  We detail them in The Benefits of Renting vs Buying a Home.

Do you take additional questions?

We love questions!  It’s often the best way to truly learn a subject.  Nearly every page on this website has a button that says Ask us a Question and we do respond promptly!

How We Choose our Buyer’s Agents

We choose our recommended Buyer’s Agents the same way we would choose a doctor, CPA, or any other professional. We have a list of criteria that must be met, and then we interview them to make sure we get the right fit not only for professional ability, but also for the right personality.

Here are the minimum requirements we start with:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience. Agents learn on the job and it takes time to reach a high level of competence. The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) says “Look for an agent with at least 2 years experience.”
  • They must work with a team of qualified professionals (Mortgage Professional, Home Inspector, etc.) that are available to assist you in your home buying education.
  • Must be members in good standing of their local Multiple Listing Service to be able to supply you with every local listing as well as history of all properties in your area.
  • They must be responsive to phone calls and emails.

An exceptional Buyer’s Agent is incredibly patient, truly enjoys helping people navigate the home buying process, and above all, must have the heart of a teacher. We also select agents who believe in building their business by receiving referrals and while focusing on outstanding customer service, are not a “pushy salesperson.” After finding these rare individuals, we monitor feedback & ratings from buyers just like you to ensure we always have the best Buyer’s Agents for you to choose from.

Are you interested in becoming one of our Buyers Agents?

We choose our recommended Buyers Agents the same way we would choose a doctor, CPA or any other professional. You must be interviewed by Fearless Homebuyer as well as meet the following minimum criteria:

• Be licensed and practicing real estate full-time for at least 3 years

• Be patient and want to teach those interested in buying a home throughout the entire buying process

• Be responsive to phone calls and emails and respond within 24 hours or less on business days

• Must work with a team of qualified professionals (Mortgage Professional, Home Inspector, etc.)

• Must be a member of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to the Realtors Code of Ethics

• Must be members in good standing of your local Multiple Listing Service

Fearless Homebuyer is an educational website for those who are interested in purchasing a house. It is NOT a real estate brokerage. If selected to be featured, agents are not employed by Fearless Homebuyer. We recommend Real Estate Agents, and their chosen Mortgage Professionals, to those interested in buying a home. We only select a handful of these professionals in any one geographical area, thus, we make every effort to ensure they are the best out there. If you meet the initial criteria above and are interested in becoming a Fearless Homebuyer Buyer’s Agent, please submit the following information and we will respond with details about how it all works!

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