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How We Choose our Buyer’s Agents

We choose our recommended Buyer’s Agents the same way we would choose a doctor, CPA, or any other professional. We have a list of criteria that must be met, and then we interview them to make sure we get the right fit not only for professional ability, but also for the right personality.

Here are the minimum requirements we start with:

  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience. Agents learn on the job and it takes time to reach a high level of competence. The US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) says “Look for an agent with at least 2 years experience.”
  • They must work with a team of qualified professionals (Mortgage Professional, Home Inspector, etc.) that are available to assist you in your home buying education.
  • Must be members in good standing of their local Multiple Listing Service to be able to supply you with every local listing as well as history of all properties in your area.
  • They must be responsive to phone calls and emails.

An exceptional Buyer’s Agent is incredibly patient, truly enjoys helping people navigate the home buying process, and above all, must have the heart of a teacher. We also select agents who believe in building their business by receiving referrals and while focusing on outstanding customer service, are not a “pushy salesperson.” After finding these rare individuals, we monitor feedback & ratings from buyers just like you to ensure we always have the best Buyer’s Agents for you to choose from.

Are you interested in becoming one of our Buyers Agents?

We choose our recommended Buyers Agents the same way we would choose a doctor, CPA or any other professional. You must be interviewed by Fearless Homebuyer as well as meet the following minimum criteria:

• Be licensed and practicing real estate full-time for at least 3 years

• Be patient and want to teach those interested in buying a home throughout the entire buying process

• Be responsive to phone calls and emails and respond within 24 hours or less on business days

• Must work with a team of qualified professionals (Mortgage Professional, Home Inspector, etc.)

• Must be a member of the National Association of Realtors and subscribe to the Realtors Code of Ethics

• Must be members in good standing of your local Multiple Listing Service

Fearless Homebuyer is an educational website for those who are interested in purchasing a house. It is NOT a real estate brokerage. If selected to be featured, agents are not employed by Fearless Homebuyer. We recommend Real Estate Agents, and their chosen Mortgage Professionals, to those interested in buying a home. We only select a handful of these professionals in any one geographical area, thus, we make every effort to ensure they are the best out there. If you meet the initial criteria above and are interested in becoming a Fearless Homebuyer Buyer’s Agent, please submit the following information and we will respond with details about how it all works!

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